Yummy: The Times looks at the Asian BBQ in town for a change. Reporter Julia Moskin correctly points out that Big Wong at 67 Mott Street (yes, laugh and laugh all you like at the name) has some of the best Chinese pork barbecue (aka char siu) in the city. Gothamist also recommends the roast duck and roast chicken (Epinions on Big Wong). It seems we will have to try out Kim Tuong, a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinese, as well as Saigon Grill uptown, which we don't mind, as BBQ projects are the funnest. And here's a recipe for char siu from About.com.


And Char Siu Bao Boy is about a Chinese-American boy who stops eating his favorite food, char siu bao - a steamed bun filled with barbecued pork - because his friends thinks it's awful..but the boy works on getting his friends to try it. Mmm, char siu bao...you can get them frozen at Chinese groceries, like Kam Man on Canal. Or order them from May May Food.

Where is your favorite non-American BBQ from? And did anyone else find it interesting that Moskin found the Second Annual Big Apple Barbecue too crowded, so she and her crew hightailed it for Chinatown? We're thrilled that Moskin is focusing on the less sexy but equally delicious Asian styles of cooking pork ribs (perhaps because Gothamist grew up with these kinds of spare ribs, we never really thought of them as BBQ, we just considered them "char siu"), we're surprised that a Times reporter is so wimpy. Gothamist is a huge wimp, and we, like thousands of other New Yorkers, managed to fight our way for some 'cue at the block party. We imagine Danny Meyer is calling up the Times right now.