Gothamist was cautiously excited, when we learned that a brand-new barbeque joint, Pig 'n Out, was opening in Brooklyn Heights. Now that the Henry Street spot has been operational for a few weeks, it seemed time we put their 'cue to the test.

The menu is expansive, but we managed to narrow the field:
- Tommy's Red Hot Chicks (Pig n' Out's spicy smoked chicken wing offering)
- St. Louis Style Baby Back Ribs
- Barbequed Brisket
- Sides: Mashed Potato, Corn on the Cob, Dirty Rice and Slammin' Slaw
We also selected two varieties of Pit Barbeque sauce, Memphis and Kansas City Smoky.

The verdict? (C'mon, didn't you read the title of the posting?) Blah!

2005_01_food_nopig.jpgThe wings were overly sweet and gloppy, delivering absolutely none of the menu's promised smoky or crispy qualities. The ribs were scorched black and oozed fat. The brisket, although plenty smoky, was tough. As for the sides, the mashed potatoes were acceptable, the corn was scorched (tasting like burnt popcorn), and the dirty rice was undercooked, as well as decidedly "un-dirty." The saving grace? The Slammin' Slaw - definitely housemade, coarsely shredded and, refreshingly, not doused in mayonnaise.

But, is fabulous cole slaw enough to get Gothamist to cross Pig 'n Out's doorstep again? Probably not. Although we recognize that BBQ is actually a very complex culinary art form, we just can't abide barbeque that isn't up to snuff. Perhaps it's in deference to the miraculous gifts of champion pit masters. Perhaps it's in deference to our picky palates. Either way, Gothamist would've preferred Chinese take-out to Pig n' Out's C-grade 'cue.

Pig 'n Out
60 Henry Street (btwn. Orange & Cranberry Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11201