072908starbuks.jpgOthers may sit passively by while New York City loses 10 of its precious 235 Starbucks, but Andrew El-Kadi, who lives above a doomed Starbucks in Bay Ridge, is making a stand. He’s turning up the heat on Starbucks by handing out flyers and starting an online petition to keep his downstairs Starbucks open, because "when you feel strongly about something, [it] doesn't have to be limited to starving children in Africa or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”According to the Daily News, El-Kadi has 16 signatures and counting – when he hits the 100 mark, he plans to send the petition to the chain’s district manager, who will then have no choice but to submit to the will of the people! If not, El-Kadi says, "I'm screwed. I guess I will just have to walk the nine blocks to the other one, but who wants to do that before work?"