In the feel-good-story of the day (week?), the Daily News profiles Salvatore Forte, owner of Bay Ridge boutique and cafe Hom (aptly pronounced "home"), who has been giving free brunch to the unemployed since October. All it takes is a phone call ahead, and this is no soup kitchen fare—the menu includes such selections as the "Oh L'Amour Sammich": thinly sliced prosciutto and fresh mozzarella topped with tomatoes and basil on peasant bread.

In the shadow of demonstrations demanding greater unemployment benefits in the face of a large national and unemployment rate, Forte's helping hand is no small miracle. As Forte himself put it, "A free brunch is something small, but it can make a big difference in someone's day." And now the restaurateur's kindness is coming back to help him, which is good news considering he has lost a third of his business since the recession hit (Hom is mainly a furniture store; the restaurant is where the big ticket items used to sit.) Previously unemployed customers that Forte helped out have since gotten jobs and become paying patrons, as hopefully will those who hear of his compassion.

After all, this is part of the relief Obama has been talking about—a way to keep some measure of quality of life when times are tough. Which means it's probably only a matter of time the Republicans get on Forte's ass about using wasteful spending to extend unemployment benefits.