1108redstarbucks.jpgStarting today at 10 a.m. Mario Batali and Starbucks be holding court in Times Square. They'll be set up at Military Island (the intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue between 43rd and 44th Streets) handing out hot cups of (RED) coffee to any caffeine fiend who passes by. (RED) helps raise money to fight AIDS in Africa, and has just partnered with the coffee purveyor. If you don't find yourself in Times Square on Black Friday (consider yourself lucky), you can head to any 'bucks throughout the holiday season and a five cent donation will be made to (RED) with a purchase of a holiday drink. However, Food & Wine points out that at "approximately 10:30, you can have your picture taken in the (RED) photo booth to join the (RED) community, perhaps with one of Mario's helper elves, Helena Christensen and Mary Louise Parker."