C'est Bastille Day! We may not be in France, but it doesn't mean NYC can't find another excuse to celebrate. There are Bastille Festivities festivities happening downtown, from 12PM-9PM. The details from StarChefs are precious:

...featuring music, entertainment such as Cancan dancers, portraiture, historic characters, Lady Liberty, a live DJ, the famous Bastille Races' and of course, food. Festival goers line the racecourse to cheer on the contestants, and enjoy the often-hilarious antics of these unique games. For the Waiter's/Waitress' Race, restaurant wait-staff from all over the city speed-walk the racecourse balancing a tray with a bottle and a wine glass on one hand. This year, a team of 10 waiters, winners of the Stockholm Waiter's Race, will be flying in from Scandinavia to compete.

There are also races for restaurant guests and children to participate in - we wonder if it's a "How to pay the check the fastest" and "How to make a commotion soonest" type deal. And today is the last day of Les Halles Downtown's special Bastille Day menu - go check it out. And give someone beaucoupd de bisous while you're at it. [Via reader Dave H.]

What is Bastille Day and information about the holiday from the French Embassy.