And so the time of holiday-themed chain foods begins. Today Baskin-Robbins "unmasked" their fall flavors upon the world, including two special autumn ice cream flavors and a few ice cream "treats" like sundaes and cake bites. It's a veritable cornucopia of festive fall flavors to delight the palate. Get your scooping arm loosened up and let's dive in, shall we?

First come the two specialty ice-cream flavors, including the October Flavor of the Month "Trick OREO Treat." Vanilla-flavored ice cream gets swirled with orange, cream-filled Oreos—a lost opportunity to promote those gross Candy Corn Oreos, if you ask us—Baby Ruth and Butterfinger pieces. It's like Halloween all wrapped up into one frozen treat, and our inner nine-year-old would have gone bananas for it. Baskin-Robbins tells us you can enjoy this ghoulish delight by the scoop or even as a milkshake. Personally, we can't imagine it's easy to suck all those candy bar bits up through a straw but hey, maybe it's a big straw? Then there's the comparably boring Pumpkin Pie-flavored ice cream, presumably because people go absolutely apeshit for anything pumpkin-flavored as soon as the temperature drops below 70 degrees.

Next, "to make the fall season even more special," Baskin-Robbins offers something called the Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake Bite. In their words: "It’s an elegant frozen treat featuring Red Velvet ice cream over dark red velvet cake, covered in chocolate-flavored coating and finished with a white rosette." They suggest you pair this with Red Velvet cake-flavored ice cream with a cream cheese frosting ribbon, because red velvet red velvet red velvet.

Finally, the chain offers two warm sundaes that are "sure to put a cherry on top of anyone's day," especially if one's happiness derives from mass-marketed chain desserts. The Warm Belgian Waffle Sundae piles two scoops of Pralines 'n Cream ice cream, warm caramel praline topping, whipped cream and the aforementioned cherry atop the titular waffle. The quality of this dessert depends heavily on the quality of the waffle, which presumably doesn't come fresh from the iron and therefore draws our suspicion. The same could be true for the second option, The Warm Brownie Sundae, in that if the brownie stinks it doesn't matter what flavor ice cream you choose to top it with. And at 740 and 820 calories each for a single serving, that's a big risk both flavor and calorically speaking.

So if you're yearning to taste the flavors of your childhood—or you just happen to really like Baskin-Robbins—head to the nearest outpost to give these desserts a try. As for us, we'll stick to eating our ice cream, Halloween candy and baked goods in separate servings—until Bloomberg makes us stop, that is.