While we are in a passionate relationship with our Netflix account, we've come to learn that other people actually go out and inflict their personalities and foul manners upon other human beings as part of some strange courtship ritual known as "dating." Maybe you are more familiar with this unseemly practice then we are—certainly if you're a bartender, you are. Because as we've learned from the video below, our upstanding NYC bartending community has been watching every uncomfortable interaction up close. And they have opinions you people need to hear.

The Daily Share has rounded up barkeeps from Commonwealth, Brooklyn Public House, The Jakewalk, Greenpoint Heights, Black Rabbit, Lowlands Bar and Freddy's Bar to talk about their Tinder gawking. They identify all the surefire signs of Internet dating, including the goofy grins and disappointed reactions, the bathroom abandoners and leg dominators, the cheek turning and public make out sessions. Does this all sound painfully familiar?

"So sometimes it's all filled with dates, and you're just texting all the other bartenders in the neighborhood, saying, 'Dude you got to see what's happening with this date right now,'" admitted Junior from the Commonwealth in Park Slope. Hopefully you can find some comfort in knowing that your awkward attempts at finding a meaningful relationship is entertaining strangers.

"Watching dates is the best part of my job," said Erin of Greenpoint's Black Rabbit, who happens to be wearing a pretty awesome Jesse and the Rippers shirt. "It also makes me feel really good about myself." While we'd never want to take this pleasure away from the barkeeps, we hasten to mention that there are lots of other creative venues for finding love besides a computer—like offering free eye procedures or plastering poles with flyers.

And if worse comes to worse, you could always pretend to be a creepy tourist.