A 27-year-old Queens woman is suing Starbucks claiming that she was canned after she complained about sexual harassment from her male coworkers. Holly Wu says in her suit that she made a written complaint to the manager of her midtown Starbucks (45th/Lexington) branch after her coworkers repeatedly propositioned her for sex, fondled her and showed her pornographic videos and photos. "My co-workers touched and massaged me when I didn’t want them to," she told the News.

Among other things, Wu claims her coworkers nicknamed her "Big Booty Holly" and asked to touch her butt. "It was very upsetting to work in that environment," she noted. When she was fired in March, the company told her it was because she asked an employee to work an extra 45 minutes. Wu, who has worked at Starbucks since 2012, thinks the company failed to investigate her complaints.

"We have zero tolerance for harassment in our workplace," said Jamie Riley, a Starbucks spokesperson. "Because this involves possible litigation, we are unable to discuss any further." Back in March, a 23-year-old barista alleged that she was groped, harassed, and pressured into having sex with her supervisor, all while management ignored her complaints.