Sure, the Barclays Center has fancy food options, like Fatty 'Cue and Calexico, but owner and real estate developer Bruce Ratner has more basic food cravings. In this weekend's food-focused NY Times Magazine, he says his food obsession is chicken:

"I’ve never met a chicken I didn’t like. Whether it’s Kentucky fried or whether it’s barbecued or it’s wings or it’s sautéed, that’s my food. And I’m not particular about where I eat it. No. 1 would be Kentucky Fried Chicken. That’s not politically correct, but I would say that’s the best chicken."

Does Bloomberg know about this?! The KFC nutrition guide is really eye-opening (PDF). Well, at least Ratner can wash down his chicken with a 16 ounce soda. Also, does this mean he'd be cool with KFC opening near Barclays?

Ratner's other chicken pick: "General Tso’s chicken — that’s good, too. Chin Chin restaurant in Manhattan — that’s good chicken."