Subterranean bars might be chic, but the cool factor plummets precipitously once a venue is forced underground by Mother Nature. So is the struggle currently befalling East Village bar Gin Palace, which, along with counterparts Amor y Amargo and Cienfuegos, is currently sinking into the ground. Taylor Swift's been our Global Welcome Ambassador for all of a week, and already the city's crumbling.

News of Gin Palace's literal demise comes courtesy of Eater. Proprietor Ravi DeRossi confirmed that the bar's Avenue A and East 6th Street building is, in fact, slowly descending down towards the Earth's core. Sadly, starting on November 6th, Gin Palace will be "torn apart" as a sacrifice to the gods for building renovations in hopes of keeping the structure from swimming with the fishes.

DeRossi says Gin Palace's shuttering is only temporary, and that Amor y Amargo and Cienfuegos will continue to operate as normal during construction. Let's hope they can fix the building, but worst case scenario, we could get used to drinking with baby alligators.