We already have a pretty good idea of what a Bagel Villain looks and sounds like—but what maketh a Bagel Hero? Is it a coworker who brings some delicious bread holes into the office once in a while? Is it someone who stands up to toasting bullies and encourages you to get your bagel however you want it? Or is it a bagel shop employee who drives over six hours, 185 miles, and three states in order to drop off a set of keys you left in their store? Yeah, I think that last one qualifies.

Gina Sulrzycki wrote on Facebook this week that her sister Diana Chong stopped by Bagels 101 in Middle Island before a trip to Honesdale, Pennsylvania, not realizing she had left her car keys at the store. She was able to drive her car, which has a push button, 185 miles all without the key.

"We called Bagels 101 as soon as we got to Friendsgiving in PA and [store worker Vinny Proscia] was going to overnight the keys, but no mail carrier delivers on Sundays and we all have work on Monday," Sulrzycki wrote. "No dealerships out here were able to make her a new key, nor are open tomorrow. They also wouldn’t give her a rental!" So instead, Proscia decided to do the 3.5 hour drive (each way) to personally drop off the keys himself.

"It was the right thing to do," Proscia told Newsday. "If it happened to my wife, I'd want somebody else to do it for her."

Chong told ABC she was extremely grateful for his kindness: "It's the fact that he only knows me from coming in every morning," she said. "And he just, without hesitation came all the way. Drove three-and-a-half hours there, three-and-a-half hours back, got two hours sleep to go to work the next day. I can't ask for anything more."

If you want to honor this Bagel Hero, eat a bagel today and thank your local bagel person, because you know they too would drive over six hours for you if need be.

You won’t see another story like this one. my sister Diana goes to Bagels 101 in Middle Island most mornings before...

Posted by Gina Sulrzycki on Saturday, November 16, 2019