Another one bites the dust.

2005_06_food_dag.jpgBrooklyn Heights' most elegant, friendly supermarket has shut its doors - the D'Agostino's on the corner of Henry Street and Love Lane. Housed in, well, a house of sorts, the Heights' D'Ag was always an oasis of clean and calm in comparison to its local brethren - the nasty Henry Street Gristedes and Montague Street Key Foods to be exact.

Now, it looks like fine food shopping will solely be the domain of the Heights outpost of the pricey gourmet market Garden of Eden. But it's no substitute for a good, old-fashioned supermarket.

And, the D'Ag is set to become...Drumroll, please...Yes, you guessed it, another super-sized drug store: CVS. Just what the area needs, with two Duane Reades, a Rite Aid and an Eckerd.

What's your favorite supermarket? Or have you abandoned food shopping altogether in the name of restaurant delivery and/or FreshDirect?