Look, we get that people love In-N-Out and want the beloved left coast chain to come New York's way, but this is ridiculous! A website called Midtown Row is offering to ship hungry burger fans two (2) Double-Double burgers overnight for the low-low cost of... $56 including shipping. They also have two (2) Animal-style burgers available for the same price. Let us be crystal clear: There is absolutely no way that this could be worth it.

First off, the burgers are being "frozen fresh" so you are essentially paying a huge sum of money for a frozen fast food burger from a company that prides itself on not freezing its meat...and to add insult to injury you then have to essentially cook it yourself. Secondly, thanks to those clever folks at A Hamburger Today we already know that while In-N-Out burgers can survive a trans-national trip and be eaten here, there is no good reason to. Not when we've already go so many Five Guys and Shake Shacks (not to mention even higher end burgers).