Chocolate Pretzels with Bacon

Baconery launched at the end of September, promising to bring bacon-loaded baked goods to your home via their delivery service, but now they're aiming to open up a shop in Manhattan as well. We checked in with Wesley Klein, owner of the New York-based business, this week, and he tells us a storefront is in the works.

Klein says, "We are looking to open a store in three to six months, we want it to be in Manhattan, still looking at neighborhoods that make sense." Will vegetarians be able to indulge, too? As of now, Klein tells us fake bacon products are not an option, but they do offer turkey bacon (they have a Thanksgiving-inspired cranberry turkey bacon cookie).

Their most popular items are the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies and Bacon Brownies, but this month's holiday offering is the Gingerbread Bacon Pigs. Intrigued? They're offering a special on their Facebook this month, if you want to start insulating those arteries for the winter season.