Time to make another trip to Madison Square. Everyone's favorite local burger chain (okay, not everyone's) has made a rare addition to its menu at its original and Upper East Side locations. And guys? They've added bacon.

Serious Eats went and checked out the new $6.25 Smoke Shack burger and have a filed a review. And they like it! The new burger is pretty much a Shack Burger, but the lettuce and tomato have been replaced by the less healthy addition of cherry pepper relish and applewood-smoked bacon. Here's how they describe it:

The bacon is good, but the relish is the real story here: It adds a sweet, slightly hot tang to the burger that a pickle might, only this relish is much more delicious than mere pickles. Not to downplay this bacon; it's good, smokey and cooked to the perfect crispiness...

Relish upstaging bacon?! Madness! Anybody give the new burger a spin? Please share your thoughts on in the comments.