You read that right. BabyCakes, the vegan bakery in the Lower East Side, is so psyched over Queen Bee's impending bundle of joy that they're baking a literal bun in the oven. Yes, it gets bigger every week, and no, you sadly cannot eat it.

“When we learned about Beyonce having a bun in her oven, we all got teary-eyed because we adore her and play her music at BabyCakes all the time,” owner Erin McKenna told CBS. Staffers track Beyonce's growing belly every week and bake a garbanzo fava bean flour and pumpkin puree bun accordingly. “The final bun is going to be pretty big. It’ll be a challenge," McKenna told DNAinfo.

When we called the bakery to beg inquire about sampling a tiny bit of the bun, we were sadly denied—as of right now, Beyonce's baby bun is for display only.