In April, Aziz Ansari released a clip from his standup special, Dangerously Delicious, which revealed that rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent did not know what a grapefruit was. Now, in an interview with the NY Times Magazine, Ansari insists the story is real.

You tell a story onstage that you were sitting near 50 Cent at a restaurant, and he ordered a grapefruit soda and was confused when he was brought something that was not purple and grape-flavored, and the waiter had to explain that grapefruit is different from grape. Is that true?

It’s always strange to me when people ask me in interviews, “Like, hey, is that story true?” Yeah, it’s all true.

Has 50 Cent ever reached out to you and said, “I’m a beverage mogul, I have my own Vitamin Water flavor, I certainly know the difference between grape and grapefruit”?
Every other time I’ve done a bit about anybody famous, very quickly they reach out to you or you hear about them hearing about it.
That’s one instance where I’ve never heard of anyone that knows if he’s heard the bit or if he has any take on it.

See? And given that Aziz has been telling this story for a while, if 50 Cent hasn't disputed it yet, it's obviously true.