Everyone should go on a doughnut quest to discover their inner Homer at least once in their lives, but this can be a daunting undertaking, fraught with peril and littered crumbs. To help you, the folks at the independent publisher All You Can Eat have handcrafted a thorough and aesthetically pleasing guide to NYC's best doughnuts. Sure, you could waste precious minutes of your life researching where to find all these edible gems but for $8 you'll have a family heirloom to be handed down from generation to gigantic generation.

The Doughnut Map highlights 35 essential places to score doughnuts around town, sharing "the 'hole' truth about the tastiest treats in NYC." Besides the obvious stations of the cross like Peter Pan and the Doughnut Plant, Serious Eats notes that the guide also heralds more exotic options, like the Spanish churros con chocolate at Despana and the Japanese adzuki bean-filled an doughnuts at Panya. (N.B.: The map recommends the K-Town Koryodang bakery, which has been remodeled and changed into Tous les Jours—but an employee tells us it is still under the same ownership.)

You can get acquainted with some of these doughnuts tomorrow (Thursday) night under one roof, when All You Can Eat throws a launch party at Project No. 8 in the Ace Hotel. From 6 to 8 p.m. you can have at doughnuts from Peter Pan, Dough, Dun-Well, Doughnut Plant, as well as treats from Van Leeuwen, Stumptown coffee and spirits from Caledonia Spirits & Winery.

Courtesy All You Can Eat