When you watched that video of a McDonald's employee going mental on two customers last week—in self-defense!—did you think to yourself, "gee, that McDonald's looks really familiar, haven't I heard about crazy stuff happening there before?" You did? Well, you were right! The McDonald's in question, located at 136 West 3rd Street off Sixth Avenue, has had more than its fair share of violence over the years and yet, according to a DNAinfo source, when offered off-duty NYPD officers to patrol the restaurant it declined the offer.

"This particular McDonald's was approached in the past about hiring uniformed, off-duty NYPD security because of the frequent problems there," a police source told the site. "They apparently decided it wasn't in their financial interest." McDonald's has not responded to our message asking about security and staff safety at this location.

Still, this latest graphic violence comes as many openly worry that the West Village is, despite its expensive real estate, slipping back into the bad old days. And between this, gay bashings, rogue pissers, fancy restaurant robberies and general violence it is easy to see why.