It's sad when a neighborhood haunt shutters.

Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue has seen its fair share of old faves slip away - with the ground-breaking bistro La Bouillabaisse at the top of Gothamist's list. Of course, the French spot had definitively lost its sheen after original owner Neil Ganic sold the operation. And, now it's happily reborn on Union Street with Ganic at the helm. But, long-time Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill residents still can't help but reminisce about the long-lines, BYOB bargains and tasty shellfish stew whenever they pass 145 Atlantic.

Now, it looks like they can also mourn one of Ganic's other pioneering efforts - seafood shop/restaurant Petite Crevette, down the street at #127. Of course that effort had also gone gravely downhill since Ganic sold it off. (Extra points if you can remember the cafe's original chef!) Still, it's sad to see the old spots disappear.

We'll just have to hope for the best when it comes to the new brood coming in. In fact, Gothamist has learned that Diane Dimeo, owner of the popular Cobble Hill cooking school Neighborhood Kitchen, will be starting up a pan-Asian venture called Soju at La Bouillabaisse's old location. Gothamist is keeping its fingers crossed...and our favorite Chinese delivery on speed dial, just in case...