If there was ever a time to open a glamorous new bi-level restaurant in midtown, this ain't it. But you've got to admire restaurateur Rohini Dey for going through with this NYC outpost of her acclaimed Indian-Latin American restaurant, called Vermilion in Chicago and At Vermilion here. If you build "At," they will come—and hopefully they'll still have a line of credit available. Her ambitious new location features a double-height water curtain, a 22-foot metal mesh chandelier, and huge black and white photographs taken by Indian fashion photographer Farrokh Chothia. The lower level is a spacious bar/lounge with communal dining; the upstairs dining room can accommodate 200.

Dey, who holds a Ph.D. in economics and formerly managed foreign investment policy at the World Bank, is a self-described "staunch supporter of women in business," and has staffed At Vermilion with primarily female management, something of a rarity in the restaurant industry. (Executive chef Maneet Chauhan and chef de cuisine Ipshita Pall are also women.) Signature fusion entrees include Tandoori Skirt Steak with fried plantain chips, and Chili-Glazed Blackened Tamarind Ribs with tapioca papadum and corn ginger salsa. There is also more traditional Indian fare like Mangalorean Lamb Shank Gassi, and a vegetarian menu, posted after the jump.

At Vermilion, 480 Lexington Avenue; 212-871-6600. Open for lunch Monday-Friday (11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.), and serving dinner daily (5:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.).

At Vermilion

vegetarian options and adaptations

small plates

our vegetarian latin-indian tapas

blue corn crusted heart of palm on a kali mirch calabaza goat cheese puree $10

tamarind paneer with daikon moong bean “koshimbir” $10

juhu ki pani puri “chaat” flour shells with spiced potatoes + a tangy puree of chili mint $9

artichoke pakoras spain’s thistle in classic indian fritters + eggplant chili coconut sauce $9
chipotle corn vadas crisp corn-lentil adaptation of s. indian croquettas, tamarind chutney $9

aloo vindaloo arepas goan potato, brushed pomegranate molasses, curry leaf mango $9

roasted three pepper lentil soup complex, rich south indian tones $9

slaw trio: avocado mint ceviche, mango coriander pepper, lychee jalapeno, corn ginger salsa $9

At Vermilion seven course customized tasting menu $75

Signature Preperations: vegetarian entrees with an indian-latin confluence

chili-glazed blackened baby eggplants

indian-latin tamerendo/imli glaze, white rice crisps, corn ginger salsa $20

“gobi” portuguese
cauliflower stewed in a goan gravy + coconut rice blended tableside to your taste $20

paneer konkani in oaxacan crepas de huitlacoche
indian cheese favorite, Mexican “truffle” crepe, with inca red quinoa, papadum $24

The Truckstop, Dhaba fare, popular at trucking pit stops in India (dhabas)

“pindi” butter paneer
creamy-tomato hued finger-licking good gravy, tribute to delhi’s pindi dhaba + naan $18

methi-sarson-palak paneer

paneer indian cheese in a seasoned triad of greens - mustard greens, spinach, fenugreek + naan $17

vermilion thali
chef’s choice of two regional Indian entrees with daal makhani, naan, basmati rice, papad and mint raita $26

daal makhani slow cooked creamy black lentils $9

punjabi chole
spicy garbanzo beans, with “chaat” and ginger hues $9

sides ($6) coconut rice basmati rice naan pudina mint-parantha tandoori roti

today’s raita garlic spinach plantain chips habanero salsa masala papad chutney trio