BaconBiscuit1.jpgAt the Ethnic Market highlights international specialty foods and ingredients that you're very unlikely to find at your local Gristedes.

Euro Shop, a small store whose window is decorated with the flag of the European Union has always intrigued us. Among other things it offers a half dozen types of paprika paste; a meat counter filled with bacon, sausages and pork crackling; and a plethora of Hungarian junk food. Now that we’ve had their homemade töpörtyüs pogácsa, Gothamist has even more reason to make the trip to this Hungarian deli in Sunnyside.

Think of these golden, jagged-topped biscuits as Hungary’s answer to the prosciutto (aka lard) bread one finds at Faicco's Pork Store in the Village. Töpörtyüs pogácsa are somewhat denser, but no less delicious than that Italian specialty. They're riddled with little bits of pork crackling and have a peppery kick. Gothamist has been told that they're just thing with a cold beer, but we wouldn't know since ours were devoured within 20 minutes of leaving the store. If you're the baking type, try your hand at making your own with this recipe. As for us, we'll be getting our next Töpörtyüs pogácsa in Sunnyside. And next time we'll be having them with a beer.

Euro Shop, 42-07 Queens Blvd., Sunnyside, 718-786-6026