2004_10_food_miladys.JPG[Ed. note: D. didn't want to have her picture taken, but she was more than willing to talk to us and be a great sport, even at 3 AM when we might have been slurring a bit. Our notes are a tad difficult to read, but we'll do our best.]

Beer, wine or cocktails?

What could I order that will get me laughed right out of the bar?
A pina colada -- in this place, especially, even though they are pretty good. . .

From the peanut gallery: A cosmo would get you laughed right outta here pretty quick.

Who has been your favorite celebrity patron?
Most definitely Bruce Springsteen.


Aren't you going to ask me what you should have?

Sure -- what should we have?
You should have a shot of Jack and a bottle of Bud.

Sounds perfect.

Milady's, 160 Prince St. at Thompson St., SoHo, 212-226-9340.