Come June 30th, Life as we know it will come to an end. Sort of. Nine months after the RENT-spirational Life Cafe closed in the East Village, we've learned that owner Kathy Kirkpatrick has decided to throw in the towel at her remaining Bushwick operation. But don't start crying and singing about thousands of minutes just yet.

The Life Cafe Bushwick space will remain a restaurant, and in fact, according to a woman at the restaurant the new owners are planning on keeping much of the joint the same—just tweaking the menu and adding some additional vegan options. According to Kirkpatrick, the new owners say, "why change something that obviously works, that people like and want? They said they’d make some upgrades that are due. There will be new additions to the menu. But most importantly, they recognize it’s important not to tamper with the special ambience of Life." You can read Kirkpatrick's goodbye note here.

The details may stay similar, but Life will, however, get a new name, and that will be 983.

Meanwhile, the end of Life isn't the only food news for the hood! Just a few blocks away from the ever-popular Roberta's, the guys behind the also popular, and quickly expanding, The Meatball Shop have signed a lease for a huge, 11,500-square-foot space. That's a lot of meatballs coming!