If you're one of those people who burns through a bottle of Sriracha before that spicy gunk even has enough time time to clog up the spout, you might want to consider expanding your palate without sacrificing peppery goodness. Jolene Collins, who apparently loves the sauce so much that she puts it on her ice cream, produces pared-down, homemade batches of Sriracha that use a variety of locally sourced peppers and organic palm sugar. And yes, you can buy it on Etsy.

Liza de Guia at Food Curated posted this profile of Collins on Vimeo that nicely captures the chef's dedication to making sublime sauce.

JoJo's Sriracha: Bringing More Hot Pepper Flavor To The Party from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

"Since I know these peppers really well I can combine them in ways where I can get different flavor profiles," Collins says. "I can make a batch that I know is gonna be pretty sweet, that I know is gonna be hot and kinda citrusy, floral, or one that I know is gonna be really well balanced." Yes, $12 for a 6.4 oz container ain't cheap, but it's a fraction of what you paid for that old-timey looking ammo box you bought at Brooklyn Flea that houses all of your Vonnegut books and this only further classes up your place. Looks tasty too.

If Etsy's not your thing you can pick up JoJo's Sriracha at The Ploughman and Brooklyn Brine Store.