If gas stations can sell coffee, why not a car wash that dishes out donuts? Next week, a new artisanal donut shop opens inside Westside Highway Car Wash on 12th Avenue and 46th Street, just across from the Intrepid. Grub Street has the details about Underwest Donuts, a venture by former Chanterelle executive sous chef Scott Levine, whose father-in-law conveniently happens to own the car wash.

Inside a hallway right next to all the jets of water and squirts of soap, a small manufacturing and retail area will offer cake-style donuts made by a Belshaw Adamatic Donut Robut. Yes, just like the washing operation, this process is robot-operated. Initial flavors will be plain, sugar-coated and glazed; of the more unique flavors, the halva donut, made with tahini and halva, should be the most Instagrammable.

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