The works of surrealist painter Rene Magritte are the subject of a current exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, where the Belgian artist's challenging and often disquieting pieces are on display through the end of January. To further immerse itself into the genre, the Museum is hosting "Edible Magritte," a dinner party series that offers out-of-the-ordinary dishes inspired by some of the artist's most familiar works.

The playful eating experience is the brainchild of artist Elaine Tin Nyo, who wondered what would happen if Magritte used his aesthetic in the kitchen. She's partnered with MoMA Cafe 2 chef Lynn Bound to create a hands-on meal that transforms food into edible art.

Patrons ate the first surrealist meal last week, which included blue cocktails and pink cheese puffs, evoking "Pink Bells, Tattered Skies" and prosciutto with a large black olive that echoed the eerie dinner scene in "The Portrait." Il Flottant, a classic French dessert, was reimagined to resemble puffy clouds floating across an azure sky. Diners also feasted on a large chocolate bird filled with raspberries and syrup, a nod to macabre "The Pleasure," which depicts a young woman gnawing on a bloodied bird.

Reservations for the next out there eating event open on November 14th; space is limited, so get on it early. Tickets cost $150 for non-members and in addition to the sit-down meal also includes a private tour of the exhibition with a MoMA curator.