Yesterday Netflix released the first official trailer for the imminent new season of cult classic Arrested Development, and today their marketing team has turned the dial on the hype-meter even higher by bringing Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand to Manhattan. The iconic banana stand, famous for always having money in it, is located diagonally across from Radio City Music Hall on 6th Avenue. A variety of frozen bananas are being distributed to the masses (see the menu below), and special Arrested Development correspondent Ben Yakas tells us there is already a line of over 100 people along 49th Street.

According to Netflix, the banana stand will stay open until 6 p.m., or until Maeby convinces George Michael to play hookey. BYO Big Yellow Joint.

Update: The menu pricing is for dramatic effect—the bananas are free. Also, the stand, which is distributing 1,500 frozen bananas a day, will actually be in NYC at different locations through Thursday—details here!

Reporting by Ben Yakas.