Beloved Connecticut (and Yonkers, NY) grocery wonderland, Stew Leonard's, has moved on from the Cronut with a new offering: a Crogel. Their Norwalk bakery has been experimenting with the croissant-bagel hybrid, and just announced they're on sale. Here's how they did it: "shape croissant dough into the size of a bagel, then kettle boil and hearth baked it. Crispy on the outside... buttery and flaky inside!"

For those unfamiliar with the store, it's a pretty crazy supermarket with a maze-like layout and an amazing selection of creative and homemade items, on top of the regular stuff. We've been lobbying for them to come to NYC for quite some time... but no dice, yet. In the meantime, before they trademark this thing, someone in the city please create one.