From sassy soft serve to modernist scoops, we've got lots of inventive ice cream offerings for whatever predilection needs servicing. If the little voice craving frozen treats calls out for Black Ass Licorice or Fernet Black Walnut flavors, get yourself over to Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream, a new Lower East Side ice cream parlor dishing out some seriously off-the-beaten-track flavors and combinations just in time for peak sweating season.

Former pastry chef Nicholas Morgenstern, who opened SoCal-style cafe El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette in the neighborhood earlier this year, is whipping up "Philadelphia-style" ice cream with cream, milk, salt and sugar combined with the kinds of ingredients popping up on cocktail menus. In addition to the aforementioned Fernet, the shop turns out five different vanilla flavors including bourbon, burnt honey and peppermint; five chocolate flavors like lemon and Szechuan peppercorn; plus combos like sesame caramel, Vietnamese coffee, Durian Banana—yes, that durian—and many, many more.

Vegans and dairy free folks also have options, like sorbets in Aperol-grapefruit, huckleberry and champagne-mango flavors, or perhaps cashew, sweet potato or the (not vegan) labne varieties? The soft serve, which are always vegan, come in almond coconut and passion fruit apricot. Getting overwhelmed with the choices? We're not done yet! There are also dozens of toppings—honey, toasted coconut, pickled pineapple, aleppo pecans—plus crazy sundaes and cup combos and floats and shakes and... just check out the menu below.

They're tapping the old school soda fountain vibe with lots of clean white tiles and paper hats and some very adorable school desk-type seats. Prices are on par with other artisanal foodstuffs being peddled: a cup or cone runs $4 for a regular or $5 for a "Monster Cone," with additional scoops adding $2 to the base. The fancier creations boast fancier prices between $7 and $18 for their monster King Kong Banana Split. Note: cash only, folks.

2 Rivington Street;

Morgenstern's Menu