2005_11_food_wildgame.jpgT-day isn't until next week, and we're already sick and tired of hearing about turkey. That's why the annual Henry's End Wild Game Festival is such a relief at this time of year. And just how wild is wild? We're talkin' about dishes like BBQ Rattlesnake Salad, Herb Crusted Elk Chops, Black Bear in Juniper Sauce and Antelope Au Poivre.

Needless to say, this longtime Brooklyn Heights restaurant isn't the ideal spot for vegetarians. And, Gothamist is also little concerned about taking impressionable, holiday-happy tots there too. They may get worried about Kris Kringle being able to pay call on December 25th, if you order another of the eatery's seasonal game dishes - Reindeer in Bourbon Sour Cherry Sauce.

"Daddy, please don't eat Blitzen!"

Address Info:
Henry's End
44 Henry St.
Brooklyn Heights, NY