Keeping track of who is who and what is hot in the New York food scene is next to impossible. Too many restaurants, too many people and too many different opinions. Which doesn't mean people can't try. And as far as clickable lists of restaurant workers go, Google-owned Zagat's second annual list of 30 Under 30 Up and Comers isn't bad. Nothing makes a New Yorker feel inadequate quite like a list of young people doing well for themselves.

The list itself ranges from chefs to corporate cogs to mixologists to entrepreneurs and front of house folk, with a bit of nepotism thrown in for good luck (Jeffrey Chodorow scion Zach). But most of the people listed we know really do deserve some credit (i.e. Do or Dine's chef/owner Justin Warner) and some of them we're going to have to go seek out.

Plus, another reason to click through? Occasionally the pictures are good excuse to chuckle. For instance, the idea that baby-faced 25-year-old Kirk Kelewae can even buy beer, let alone get a gig as the Beer Director at Eleven Madison Park is pretty impressive.