Now that Mars Bar is gone, the competition for filthiest city bathroom is wide open (we nominate Lit) but what about the city's best bathroom? Where can you find that? Well, the Internet has an answer for you. For the tenth year running the bathroom services company Cintas is holding an online competition to find America's Best Restroom—and New York City has two of the nominees.

In the one corner, you've got Brooklyn's Habana Outpost whose bathroom the site describes as "the sort of place you would find on a Caribbean island" while on the other hand you've got the tacky theme restaurant Ninja where the toilet will "knock you dead in your tracks" with its bathroom "outfitted with a control pad that operates seat warmers, a water spray (that oscillates or pulsates), a built-in deodorizer and blow driers."

Now sure, these are noteworthy bathrooms. The rainwater-based banos at Habana in particular are a kick, and the spray-nozzle that pops out to clean your bottom at Ninja is... interesting (there are pictures of it in action here). But are these the Best restrooms in town? We wish we'd known about this competition because initially anyone could nominate a watercloset and we've certainly got a few favorites. Like, if you want crazy Japanese toilets the ones at SobaKoh are just as funky (and the food is better and less gimmicky). And how can anyone overlook the glass-walled johns atop the Standard? Those are just two of our faves. Besides your own, where do you think the Best Restrooms in New York are?

[via The Local]