While the bagel hasn't really entered the disturbing culinary school of thought that brought you the Krispy Kreme Double Down, there's a new Twitter in town dedicated to one-off bad bagel orders, fittingly titled: Bad Bad Bagel—but can one really make a bad decision when ordering a bagel? Well, it was inspired by a recently overheard (and questionable) order of whitefish on cinnamon raisin—but that could be a thing people like, no? In the name of research, we took to the local bagel shop and procured a variety of (unsliced!) bagels and cream cheese flavors, then paired them up with toppings like: tomato, radish, chocolate sprinkles, banana and Nutella. Without getting into the nauseating details, the definitive outcome is that you can do wrong when topping a bagel... but you can do no wrong when Nutella is involved.

What do you crave when it comes to bagel toppings? And don't forget to contribute to the Bad Bad Bagel Twitter when you overhear a strange combo.