The stroller wars continue in Park Slope, and the frontline has moved from the sidewalk to the classy little romantic Italian restaurants, where everyone's a cry baby!

Old man Loffredo recently paid a visit to the neighborhood's fairly new establishment, Provini, where he was encountered with a great wine list and a healthy portion of the "You'll never get to be an adult in Park Slope without tolerating my kids" crowd. Not a very good pairing! Indeed, one toddler even broke a wine glass in his presence; behavior that garnered eye rolls from the waitstaff and should clearly be reserved for less fancy pants places. Take it to Chuck E. Cheese, stroller pushers!

It sounds like if it were up to the purveyors, the parental units and their glass-shattering spawn wouldn't be allowed near the establishment. Loffredo points out that "Provini deliberately doesn't have high chairs, I was secretly told by a waitress, and there certainly isn't any room for strollers, but the exquisite wine list alone should keep kids out, don't you think? Not in Park Slope, where pathetic parents don't want to live with the choices they've made, so they crash everyone else's party." Burn. Looks like the stroller mafia just got itself a new villain! [via OTBKB]