On one hand, sharks are beautiful creatures, vital to the ocean's ecosystem, and in dire need of protection. On the other hand, they totally killed Robert Shaw, Samuel L. Jackson, and other revered thespians. So will you be eating Queens eatery MexiQ's shark tacos in honor of Shark Week?

The Voice's Keith Wagstaff reports that MexiQ will be serving tacos containing "grilled bull shark, avocado, and guajillo orange salsa" along with a "Great 'Witte' Beer Flight," which will be adorable until we start seeing reprisals from Great Whites on beachgoers, as they can smell bad puns in the water up to a mile away.

Some 73 million sharks are killed every year across the globe, and 30 percent of shark species are threatened or near-threatened with extinction. Sharks are primarily killed for their fins, which are a delicacy throughout Asia, and can be eaten in restaurants throughout New York City. Earlier this week, a boat was caught off the protected coast of the Galapagos Islands carrying 379 illegally killed sharks in what biologists deemed as a "massacre," and one that happens all too often.

Although the bull shark population isn't considered endangered, it has been deemed as "Near Threatened" by the World Conversation Union, as it is often unintentionally caught by fishermen. We recommend stifling the urge to eat these shark tacos by watching Andy Samberg's turn as Shark Week's host. Besides, you wouldn't jump off a bridge if Bobby Flay did, would you?