Listeners of WNYC's Leonard Lopate show yesterday afternoon might have choked on their Chobani when author and animal rights advocate Jenny Brown tangled with guest-host Julie Burstein. Brown, who became a vegetarian and then a vegan after forging a childhood bond with a cat while she underwent chemotherapy, was on-air promoting her new book when Burstein began pressing her about her "radical path" to turn the world toward veganism. "It's radical to you but I consider myself radically compassionate." Thanks for listening to PWND Radio!

The crux of the spat was Burstein pressing Brown to account for people who maybe want to live a vegan lifestyle but can't, due to "dietary" or "medical" reasons. "I have personal experience with that," Burstein says.

BURSTEIN: You're leaving out the people who might not be able to or who might also be compassionate but who might have a different point from you. I respect the work that you're trying to do…

BROWN: I'm not imposing my views on you. I think a lot of people use the health excuse—

BURSTEIN: But again, you're calling it an excuse, so [pivots to another subject]

Brown dismisses the idea of "humane slaughter" as an "oxymoron," and refers to animal slaughter as "genocide." Brown says, "We keep these animals in concentration camps…It is my hope is that in the next hundred, two hundred years we look upon the eating of living beasts with the same disdain and disgust as we look upon slavery, the lack of civil rights for women, the lack of child labor laws."

Pick up around the 6:00 mark through the 10:00 mark for the "juicy" stuff (but the whole thing is worth a listen)

WNYC's commenters took sides and may have let their bag of Earl Gray steep a little too long before typing:

LOL This interviewer is just looking for Jenny to absolve her of any guilt she has stemming from eating animals for no reason other than tradition, she didn't like it when Jenny was unwavering in her views...

All in all, the interviewer knew what Jenny's book is about and had her on (with what now seems obvious) the intention of getting Jenny to advocate for "happy meat" but, Jenny didn't buy into it and I couldn't be more proud of her for it.

Way to go Jenny Brown, stick to what you KNOW is right, you're making us all proud.

I wonder if Jenny Brown is concerned about the meat she feeds to her cat. If she preaches about not killing animals, having a cat that is an obligate carnivore increases the need of slaughtered animals. She needs people that eat meat so the scraps of butchering can be canned as cat food. I doubt that her cat would catch her/his own food. It seems a contradiction to me.

America's Favorite Radio Host, Diane Rehm, also interviewed Brown but wisely let her callers handle the combat.