A food stand selling Cronut Burgers at the Canadian National Exhibition may be responsible for at least twelve cases of food poisoning since yesterday. If twelve people in Canada had regular food poisoning we would not be writing about this, but Faux Cronut Food Poisoning—what if it goes viral?

According to CBC, Toronto Public Health got their hands on some samples from the vendor to help them investigate what exactly was the cause of this. Was it the butter, the maple bacon jam, or just a curse put on all Faux Cronuts by Cronut trademarker and creator Dominique Ansel?

Of course, maybe it wasn't any of those things as THIS HAPPENED AT A FOOD FAIR. One woman who fell ill had chased her Croburger with seafood chowder, fries, ice cream, waffles, and a smoothie. Reportedly the Faux Cronut Disease's symptoms include gastrointestinal problems like stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. Those are all also things that could happen to you after eating a Cronut burger, seafood chowder, fries, ice cream, waffles, and a smoothie all in one sitting. And it is worth noting that her husband, who only had the Cronut burger, did not get sick.

Anyway, the CNE remains open, but vendor Epic Burger has now been shut down while this gets sorted out. And the CNE has released a statement saying that in conjunction with Toronto Public Health they are trying to "determine what caused patrons to fall ill at the fair last evening. An expert team is onsite at the CNE investigating the situation."

Again, they have no idea what caused this—it's almost as if it's only a story because of the possible involvement of a Cronut.