Chinatown bar Apotheke was in the headlines earlier this year after owner Albert Trummer was busted for lighting his bar on fire—something he denied, despite there being plenty of video and photographic evidence that this is a normal occurrence at the establishment. Well, turns out Trummer is just co-owner, and now he's being sued by the other co-owner, Heather Tierney.

According to the Daily News, she's suing him for "repeatedly using highly flammable liquor to light fireballs." She says he's ignored orders to put an end to the antics, and last month he allegedly sprayed patrons with Champagne before trying to light the 30-foot bar on fire! Which is a terrible idea! According to the suit, he shouted, "If I'm going to be arrested, it's going to be for real."

Trummer is due back in court on November 9th, on charges of reckless endangerment. As for Tierney's lawsuit, it's seeking to have Trummer barred from the bar, and pay an unspecified amount of damages.