Gothamist can hear the longing strains of Carly Simon, as we anticipate the festivities to come this Sunday, September 26th at the 30th annual Atlantic Antic.

Brooklyn's grand-daddy of street fairs, from 10am - 6pm, the Antic will take over a 1.5 mile stretch of Atlantic Avenue between Hicks Street and Fourth Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn, offering visitors a melting pot of feasting options, trinkets galore, live music, live dancing, and even a bevy of entertaining options for the kiddies, including face painting and pony rides.


But, the real high point for Gothamist will be the Antic's World Cheesecake Eating Championship, sanctioned by the International Federation of Competitive Eating. Held at the Downtown Atlantic Restaurant & Bakery located at 364 Atlantic Avenue, the all-you-can-eat contest is bound to turn some heads - if not some lightweight stomachs. Gothamist's money is on last year's title holder Eric "Badlands" Booker, a legendary competitive eating champ who has not only eaten 50 cheesecakes in 6 minutes, but has also chomped and chewed his way to glory by chowing down 16.5 large cannolis in 6 minutes, 4 pounds of corned beef hash in 1 minute and 58 seconds, and 15 BurritoVille burritos in 8 minutes.

For health's sake, we hope that Badlands hit the gym in between meals.