A Very Important pizza-related update: the anti-dollar slice pizza petition that's been circulating online for the past week or so is not merely a call to end the pernicious cheap, terrible pizzerias invading the Lower East Side. In fact, it is a call to put the kibosh on all new pizza establishments, from the humblest of slice joints to the makers of the finest truffle pie.

EV Grieve clarified the proposed pizza embargo today, noting that the Change.org petition aiming to "[p]romote diversity in low to mid-priced food options for New York City's Lower East Side" had a new addendum:

To clarify the point of this petition: It is not an anti $1 slice pizza petition. We're sick of ALL pizzerias. No more $1 slice pizzerias. No more expensive brick oven pizzerias. NO MORE PIZZERIAS!

And so if, say, Roberta's plans to expand its empire of intern-abuse to Delancey Street, they'll have to face the wrath of the aptly-named "No More L.E.S. Pizzerias!" group, which spearheaded the proposal. The petition, which has 27 supporters thus far, aims to give low to mid-priced food options more real estate room to breathe in the neighborhood; an admirable ambition, but be careful what you wish for.