Former Mayoral Candidate and voracious sexter Anthony Weiner hasn't had much to do these days besides the occasional TV appearance and pee duty at the playground. But instead of slide into the soul crushing depression that comes with complete and total obscurity, he's throwing his energy into New York City's most stable enterprise: a restaurant.

According to, Rockaway Restoration Kitchen will be a "social entrepreneurship that operates a healthy, sustainable restaurant in a hard luck community to provide training, on-the-job apprenticeship and placement in the culinary and food service sector for unemployed New Yorkers." Weiner's name has not be directly linked with the eatery—and he's yet to make any public statements about the endeavor—but the Rockaway Times says he's met with several key figures involved.

The restaurant is currently seeking an Executive Director, who will oversee what seems to be both a place to eat, as well as a training facility for locals interested into moving into the food and service industries. Their "target population" includes formerly incarcerated individuals and others who've struggled to find employment; they're hoping to "graduate" between 100 and 150 people per year. While the restaurant will operate as a non-profit, the hope is to break even or better, further servicing the area.

There's no indication what types of cuisines the restaurant will offer [insert obvious hot dogs jokes here] but the website talks about "visiting chefs" and "relative proximity to fresh local Long Island food sources." Weiner's brother Jason also co-owners Almond restaurant in the Flatiron, which does the whole "market-fresh" bit. Regardless, hopefully this experience will teach Anthony how to tip! [Rimshot]