We finally know where celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain's forthcoming international food market will land: Pier 57 at 15th and Hudson River Park. Bourdain is reportedly in negotiations with developers for 100,000-square-feet of space inside the "SuperPier", according to Commercial Observer, taking up almost the entirety of the retail section of the structure. Bourdain will apparently be neighbors with Google, who are very close to securing 250,000-square-feet space inside.

Details about the market have been leaking for months, most recently with news that inspiration for the feeling of the market was taken from Blade Runner. "It is meant to be crowded and chaotic because that's what hawker centres should be," Bourdain's partner in crime Stephen Werther said last month. "It should activate all of your senses." Expect "expertly sliced Iberico ham and some Cava or Kuching-style laksa [soup], Chinese lamb noodles, Vietnamese pho or a decent barbecue brisket all in one place," according to Bourdain. Bottom line: it's going to be a colorful, flavorful shitshow.