Anthony Bourdain Talks Alice Watersgate

How fitting that Anthony Bourdain’s controversial interview with DCist, in which Bourdain called organic food proponent Alice Waters’ agenda “very Khmer Rouge,” took place in our nation’s capital. Welcome to Alice Watersgate, a brewing chef on chef scandal that (potentially) has the unexpected benefit of bringing ideas about our country’s food policy to a much wider audience.

Judging from the DCist interview, general timing seems to be part of Bourdain’s overall gripe: “We're all in the middle of a recession,” he told interviewer Jamie R. Liu, while complaining about the priciness and preachiness seemingly inherent to going green, “like we're all going to start buying expensive organic food and running to the green market.” Last November, Waters wrote a much-publicized open letter to the newly minted President Elect offering advisory services on choosing a new White House chef. It turned out that the old White House chef had a lot to offer.

But yesterday, an unusual comment was added to our original Waters/Bourdain story: “See Anthony and Alice continue the conversation LIVE! Anthony Bourdain will be appearing with Alice Waters AND Duff Goldman May 14, 2009 at The Connecticut Forum.” With a potential celeb chef horn-locking on the horizon, we decided to contact the man himself and ask for further clarification about his Alice Waters criticisms; his full response below:

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