Say what you will about Anthony Bourdain, but the man certainly knows how to get an even tan. TMZ dug up some nude photos of Bourdain (and his friend/ sous chef Steven Tempel) on vacation in St. Martin circa 1999, rocking the cerveza in an inflatable pool chair. Check out those abs!

Bourdain, as one can only expect, is embracing the embarrassing situation, tweeting furiously about the shots: "Please God, I hope the water was warm that day," he wrote just after tweeting the pics himself. When Mario Batali tweeted that he was stabbing his eyes with a larding needle, Bourdain implored: "Now show me that ass, Batali!." Ah, bromance. He even managed to sneak a Ruth Bourdain joke in there! Bravo, Bourdain, for owning up—though it wouldn't be the first time we've gotten up close and personal with the chef.