Anthony Bourdain's upcoming international food market at the Super Pier in Chelsea has unveiled a new Instagram account/inspiration board to store thoughts and desires for the design and food vendors. The Bourdain Market account features photos of various markets around the world, from scouting adventures the team has apparently taken to provide some influence—outside of Blade Runner, of course.

Artist rendering of a portion of the market • Stephen Alesch @romanandwilliams • #BourdainMarket

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The account also features some renderings made by the design team, where you can see the eclectic structure that features bits and pieces from other markets around the globe. There's going to be a lot under the 155,000-square-foot roof, including the Singapore-style hawker market Bourdain has touted since the beginning, plus options from April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman, and the many international chefs and hawkers who'll be scouted by the team. Check out some delicious food porn on Instagram.

The market now has an official website and a mobile app intended to keep interested parties informed about the various food partners who'll be involved when the market opens in 2017.

[via Eater]