It only took him 58 years, multiple restaurant careers and four television shows, but Bad Boy Chef Anthony Bourdain has finally taken a look at the Boogie Down Bronx. On a new episode of his CNN show Parts Unknown last night, Bourdain made good on his promise to us and traveled north to explore some of the borough's attributes, including a bit on the origins of hip hop at Moodies Records, a look at the tonics of a traditional Jamaican bush doctor and a segment with punk rock singer Richard "Handsome Dick" Manitoba.

But this being Bourdain, there was also a lot of eating, specifically chowing down on all kinds of offal, pork and seafood. The show visits seafood mecca City Island, looking in on the island's Sea Shore Restaurant; drinks some rum at Barry's Restaurant in Wakefield; and even manages to slip in a trip to White Castle.

The most food porn can be found during his stop at 188 Bakery Cuchifritos, where he dines on all manner of fried pork dishes including super fatty chicharrones, blood sausage, plantains, pork shoulder and on and on. Bourdain was guided by Bronx culinary ambassador Baron Ambrosia, who illuminated the many delicious offerings at the eatery, though a trip solo could prove overwhelming for a first-time visitor. Luckily, Grub Street put together this helpful guide to the porcine delights should you ever make like Bourdain and visit the borough.