It seems fairly difficult to get your hands on one of Dominique Ansel's elusive trademarked masterpastries these days, lest you subject yourself to a quarter-Rain-Room-length line or befriend Anthony Bourdain. But the Gods of Benevolence have smiled upon on us, because a bunch of do-gooders are promising a Cronut in return for food bank donations. AND IT IS THE RAREST CRONUT OF THEM ALL.

Organizers behind The Cronut Project, as it is appropriately titled, have teamed up with Ansel to help raise cash for the Food Bank For New York City, which distributes free food to thousands upon thousands of hungry New Yorkers each year. Starting today and ending on Friday, you can place a ($5 minimum) donation to the Food Bank on the Cronut Project's website. Two Cronut-winning winners will be chosen daily—one will be chosen at random, and the other Cronut will be awarded to the highest bidder.

And these sweet rewards aren't just any old Cronuts; Ansel has apparently created a unique passion fruit Cronut especially for the project, so you can feed the hungry AND make all your friends jealous by getting your hands on the Hope Diamond of Cronuts, all at the same time! It's a beautiful world out there, folks. A beautiful world.