042408ronaldmcdonald.jpgA federal appeals judge has issued a delay on enforcement of the new law that would require NYC restaurants with 15 or more establishments nationwide to prominently display calorie information for all foods and beverages. The rules had been scheduled to take effect on Saturday; the new delay will last until Tuesday, when the three-member appeals court will formally consider an even longer delay.

The New York State Restaurant Association is arguing that the rules are a violation of their First Amendment rights and would run counter to the federal Nutrition Labeling and Education Act, which lets restaurants decide how to present nutrition information, if at all. A spokesperson for the Health Department said, “Each month its implementation is delayed, another 10 million meals are served at chain restaurants in New York City without point of purchase calorie information, further worsening the obesity epidemic and its related health risks.

A number of establishments like Chipotle have already begun voluntarily displaying the calorie info, but some think their stats are highly misleading.

Photo by Vidiot.